Are You Pregnant?

All Prenatal Yoga classes require pre registration

All classes at Nature’s Whisper are prenatal accommodated unless noted on the schedule

If you want to try a class prior to committing to a series or monthly unlimited, register for a “single class drop in” to ensure your space and you may commit in studio after your first class.

Do I need a doctors note to practice yoga?

You do not need a doctors note to practice prenatal yoga unless you have a condition.

Please notify your teacher and on your waiver should you have any conditions or complications.

It is not advised nor permitted to practice with Placenta Previa

When can I start prenatal yoga?

You may start yoga as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

It is recommended that you start sooner rather than later to receive the benefits of prenatal yoga.

Is this your second baby?

Since our classes are prenatal accommodated, you may bring your child to childcare while you practice.

 Please check the CHILDCARE schedule prior to arriving

Childcare is$5 per child and  pre-registration to ensure space and safety of children.

Benefits of doing yoga while pregnant and postnatal

  • Encourages pelvic stability for pregnancy and after the baby
  • Calms the mind in preparation for labor
  • Increases balance
  • Expands lungs capacity in preparation for birth
  • Allows practice for natural rhythm in breath
  • Improves hip flexibility
  • Supports optimal positioning of baby
  • Opens the energy channels allowing mind/body connection for labor, birth and motherhood
  • Promotes systemic and nervous system health in support of growing baby and changing body
  • Offers time to connect with baby both in the womb and in arms


Prenatal, Postnatal & Baby Workshops?


*We are NOT a hot yoga studio