Life & Business Dharma Coaching with Jolie

Live the life you deserve in alignment

with your Goals of Passion

FREE 30 minute “Goals of Passion” session

All coaching sessions are 1 hour and are held on the telephone at the same time each week.

A commitment of 3 months is required with weekly/bi-monthly coaching.

“Drop in” sessions are available at a higher rate

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Jolie came to supporting others through her own personal and professional lessons. Through the empowerment of reinventing herself, Jolie has picked herself up off the earth and soars with excitement through each of life’s challenges. Jolie has been self employed for over 25+ years and self abundant for well over half of that time. She finds that life is just a little more fun and exciting when prosperity is a part of the path. With the help of her own posse consisting of two beautiful beings and Spiritual Mentors, she has come to recognize that only through being held accountable is success possible. She also knows the truth of being committed to poverty and what it means to shift that to the level of prosperity. Jolie hopes to coach herself out of a job with each client and to empower those to hold themselves accountable just as she was empowered to do so. When Jolie is not supporting others in their life and business journey, you can find her in her studio on the mat teaching yoga or teaching others how to teach yoga.

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