Labor & Birth Doulas

jolie_namaste_smallJolie Cash believes in natural birth, a woman’s ability to become empowered through her birth process

and supporting goddesses in waiting who would like to experience the “natural” right of passage.

Doula services include:
~2-3 prenatal visits
~positive birth visualization practices
~relaxation techniques
~labor and birth assistance
~1-2 postnatal visits

*Hot Mama Prenatal Yoga Packages available with services
Fees: $900-$1,200





Doula Birth Story CircleDoula Birth Story Circle – Doulas Only

12/04  7:30-9:30pm

Dear Doulas, you are lovingly invited to a monthly Doula Birth Story Circle generously hosted by the centrally located Nature’s Whisper Yoga Studio.

We will hold and honor our Birth Stories (either as a doula, or our own births) for each other within a sacred container of deep listening and solution-focused questioning. Our aim is to validate each others’ experiences, and support each other in reframing those experiences from a place of wholeness. New and more experienced doulas interested in soulful sisterhood connection (and babes in arms) are welcome.

Studio supplies (e.g. toilet paper) or small monetary donations are helpful. ALL studio donations need to be eco-friendly/recycled, non toxic and non perfumed. Thank you in advance!