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 Kid Protection Plan

w/ Amy Hsiao, Family Law

Wed, 7/12

12:45 – 1:45 p.m.

$15 per person


You Are a GREAT parent. But has something been left incomplete? Who Will Take Care of Your Kids if Something Happens to You? And Will They Be Cared For the Way You Want?

It’s very likely that you are one of the 69% of parents who have not named legal guardians for your kids yet.

Maybe you have named legal guardians, but you’ve made one of the six common mistakes that almost every parent makes when naming guardians, even after they’ve worked with a lawyer.

In this educational, informative, empowering workshop —for parents with children at home—local moms/dads and attorney Amy Hsiao will cover what you need to know about making sure your kids are taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter want. Amy will guide you to take charge and ensure you have done the right thing by your family.

During this workshop, you will discover:

– The 6 most common mistakes parents make when naming guardians, even when working with a lawyer — and how to fix them.
– How to choose the right guardians for your children and make sure your children are never taken from your home or placed with strangers if something happens to you.
– How to make sure your assets are immediately and privately available to the people you’ve named to care for your children.
– Why a Will alone is simply not enough to make sure your kids are taken care of the way you want, by the people you want, no matter what.


Placenta Encapsulation Info Night

w/ Courtney Scott, My San Diego Doula 

Tue, 7/25

7:30 – 8:30 p.m.


Are you interested in the possibility of a better postpartum experience? Are you curious about the benefits of placenta encapsulation? More energy? More Milk? Better Mood?

Please join Courtney Scott from My San Diego Doula & Placenta for a FREE Placenta Encapsulation Info Night!


Baby-Led Weaning

w/ Erika Salaman, Momma & Nutritionist

Sat, 7/29

2:45 – 4:00 p.m.

$15 per person

 * babies welcome + encouraged



Skip the purees! No more spoon-feeding! With Baby-Led Weaning, babies feed themselves real food from the start. Baby-Led Weaning encourages the healthy development of confident eaters by allowing your little one to eat when they are ready. It’s a fun, no-fuss way to introduce food to your baby.

This workshop will introduce the basics of Baby-Led Weaning, including the long-term benefits, the practicalities of how to get started, and nutrition essentials. We will also examine the truth about choking and gagging and what foods are the easiest to start with. Come find out if Baby-Led Weaning is right for your family. Whether you are just starting to think about beginning solids or are struggling with spoon-feeding, this class is for you!


Body Balancing for Pregnancy

w/ Marli Ivers; Doula + Midwife

Sun, 7/30

6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

$40 per couple pre-register; $50 per couple at the door

This is a 90 minute class for mothers to learn about and participate in balancing their bodies with a partner, friend or doula.

This class focuses on anatomy, maternal positioning, and stretching in order to facilitate a more comfortable pregnancy and to prepare for birth. Parents will leave with tools to balance the body, relieve pain, and create more room in the pelvis. This class can provide proactive solutions for the challenges birthing mothers face with regards to daily body positioning and birth preparation. These tools can also be helpful for babies in the breech or transverse position.



Couple's Yoga 6

Couples Yoga for Birthing 

with Jolie Cash

Quarterly 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
$75 per couple
View Series dates here
A 2 hour experience of connecting and communicating verbally and non-verbally through shared breathing, stretching and relaxing in preparation for birth.  Allowing your birth partner an opportunity to learn how to support and empower you while offering you the space to practice using your voice for your desires and needs during your right of passage of becoming a mother.