The Unconventional Yogini 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training



The Unconventional Yogini Teacher Training is a 200 hour course and is open to students who aspire to be yoga teachers, students who wish to deepen their personal practice and knowledge of yoga as well as health care professionals and current yoga teachers seeking deeper knowledge and certification.


Nature’s Whisper Yoga Teacher Training consist of 200 hours over a 4 month period designed so that you have space for growth and integration. The days and times are accommodating for the full-time working schedule incorporating weekend “intensives” for deeper studies and practicum. Each “Intensive” will be dedicated to an area of yogic practices which form a mandala of wisdom, intuition, knowledge and experience at the deepest levels of the body, spirit and mind as well as methodology and anatomy.



Jolie Cash
Director & Senior Teacher
Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga

Jolie is a certified with Tantra Yoga International at the 500 hour level and has over 2,000 hours of training, exceeding the standards and requirements of National Registration agencies.

Please see About Jolie for more information.

Ashley Llano,  Yoga Teacher






Shazia Gogia, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Chef




Dr. Kayla Ambert, Chiropractor

Anatomy of Yoga






Each applicant will be selected through a private interview with Jolie. Jolie does not discriminate against any individual based on ethnic or racial origin, gender, religion or sexual preference.

Students are asked to be committed fully to the hours and dates of the training. Only 1 make up will be offered! Continuous enrollment in the Training and completion of all homework assignments is expected in order to benefit to the fullest potential of each individual and as a group.

Three mandatory yoga asana classes per week are expected. To fully integrate the practices, it is recommended to practice daily. Yoga asana classes available for mandatory attendance are arranged to accommodate most working schedules.

For an application, Download here
For an interview, contact Jolie at
(760)213-1110 or here


UYSY holds its own certification requirements. NWSY certification will be awarded at the end of the course and is dependent on attendance hours, dedication and commitment.

The Unconventional School of Yoga has been qualified to certify at the 200 hour level under the guidelines of Yoga Alliance since 2005. NWSY far exceeds the requirements of “registration” compliant with the 200 hour level of Yoga Alliance and currently consciously does not participate

Curriculum, Mandatory Reading, Homework
Meditation & Bhakti Yoga:
-Techniques & teaching Meditation
-Devotional Yoga, Mantra, introduction to deities and
history of Yoga

Chakra System & Energy Body:
-the 7 main energy centers in the body
-how energy moves in the body (Vayus)
-the layers of energy (Koshas)

Anatomy & Physiology:
-anatomy in reference to yoga postures
-physiology in reference to yoga postures

Mudras & Bhandas:
-locks, blocks and seals
-how to clear blockages in your body

Ayurveda 101 & Ayurvedic cooking:
-the ancient medicine of yoga
-the elements in nature, the elements in your body

Philosophy & Karma Yoga:
-the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
-the eight limbs of yoga
-selfless service in yoga

Personal Practice & Yogic Lifestyle:
-how to build your personal practice
-cleansing techniques, codes of conduct & ethics of a yoga teacher

Communication & The Business of Yoga:
-Verbal & communication skills
-marketing and prosperity

Asana & Pranayama:
-cueing, techniques, benefits, contraindications, safety and practice of postures
-Safely adjusting in postures
-anatomy of breathing, techniques and teaching pranayama

Practicum & Methodology:
-How to teach
-Student teaching

Homework Required & Mandatory Reading Required

Course Fee
If paid in full, the course fee is $2900.
A $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your space.
Balance is due prior to the first session.

Tuition includes a study text book with handouts, asana workbook, unlimited yoga classes and any ongoing workshops taught by Jolie during the training.

Monthly payment plans and ONE (1) work study position is available by application process. Work study discount will be discussed individually.

The course fee may be broken up into monthly payment schedules. Payment arrangements may be made upon acceptance into the program.

Download application here