Unconventional Unschoolers

Are you looking for inspiration, support and community for your unschool journey?

Then you have landed in the right spot!

My son Daniel and I are embracing life to the fullest and moving to our own beat. I am a single/solo mama whose journey has always been intentional as a single homeschooling mama. I entered into this journey on purpose as a homeschool mom. What led me to unschooling was the realization that we could do this journey however we wanted to do it and we love to travel! And so the most important version of this Unconventional Mama was born and we continue to form community wherever we go.

Check out the events for North San Diego County:

Family Yoga Fridays

Meets EVERY Friday at 10:30am-11:45am in Carlsbad

$20 per adult/children included

*NO registration is required. More information here


Meets Second Friday at 1pm EVERY month at our membership farm in West Fallbrook.

$25 per student/per session. *$10 life membership for the farm is required. You can pre-order raw milk, eggs & cheese for pickup with membership.

*Pre-registration is required. To register; contact Jolie here

Surf Club

Meets EVERY week at different beaches from Cardiff Seaside to Oceanside Harbor. Free Meetup

*We often have a surf coach and his assistants work with the kids for the fee of $45 per child for a 2 hour small group session. Approximately once a month.

To stay up to date on location of weekly meetup and surf instruction, contact Jolie to be added to the GroupMe app here

Chess Club

Meets Sunday’s 3pm at Baba Coffee in Carlsbad. Free Meetup

If we get enough interest, we will hire a chess instructor to support the children’s knowledge in the game.

*Address; 2727 State St #100, Carlsbad, CA 92008