Get my top 5, most personal, tested skills about Accountability!

After 30 years I have mastered the skills of accountability. It is not always easy to stay accountable to yourself when you don’t have anyone to answer to.

My favorite part about my consulting is being the conduit for ACCOUNTABILITY. I forever love meeting with a client and going over all their accomplishments from the weeks journey.

Being accountable can be really hard when you are showing up for yourself ALONE everyday. Or even as the leader, you need to always be “ON” and who really has the capacity to do that without a cheerleader in your corner.

Here are my top 5 success skills to stay accountable to yourself and your business:

  • Wellbeing checklist :: putting your needs first
  • Your “Why” :: staying true to your purpose
  • Integrity :: being authentic with all you do
  • Policies :: your guidelines
  • Office hours :: your time to do what you need “To Do”

I look forward to taking you deeper into these areas of mastering skills to advance in your business and life. Join The Accountability Initiators Club today and start your new year with a new accountable you!

Classes run every quarter for 9 weeks at a time. Classes are in The Unconventional Mamas “ZOOM ROOM” Check here for updated schedule