Welcome to the club!

My name is Jolie Cash and I am proud to be an Unconventional Mama.

I am a single by choice, solo by design, unschooling mompreneur who is raising my amazing son to question authority (yes even me) with respect, while living our freedoms of choice in all we do.

#LittleD and me love to adventure, travel and experience new things. We live a life of excursions over consumerism and spread love as our religion.

I hope to be showing up here more often with the purpose of sharing, educating, encouraging and advocating accountability as women and mothers.

I have adored the decades of teaching in the studio setting, training leaders, attending births, educating women in the birth process, leading women in their awareness to their bodies and supporting mothers in their journey of parenting. I lean into each experience as an educator, as well as a mother on my own journey, in service to others who wish to lead an unconventional life in their own truth through homesteading, home birth, homeschooling and healing.

My dream is to walk this journey with other women who believe in a sovereign divine life.

Welcome to The Unconventional Mamas!