When Dharma Calls

I get closer to Mother Earth for clarification on all aspects of my life.

When I sold the studio I knew it was for the sole purpose of my greatest calling yet, to be a mother. An uninterrupted mother. A mother that would do all the things fun mamas do all the while refusing to scroll Pinterest to be that mom. The divine pulled many rugs up from underneath me then clearly showed me a plan and set the path free of obstructions to March Forth.

I recently celebrated my birthday. I was today years old when I realized that my birthday was on March 4th, as in March Fourth, better yet March Forth! How did someone not make me aware of this sooner? Or if they did, how did I not register it and remember it forever? Because lord knows what I have done best in my life is march forth. I have continued on from some doozies. Sometimes I’ll share a memory of my younger days and peoples faces are horrified. Can you imagine if I shared the stories I don’t tell in public spaces? The beauty of this is that it is like art. Sharing of yourself, it’s a form of art. Sometimes art is horrifying but the balance to that is that we then know the opposite.

Today I march forth toward my life’s dharma. Back to sharing in community, teaching movement, dharma and sharing with women in circle. It has brought a beautiful grounding to a very fluid time in my life. I am always grateful that I get to lean into the teachings of Yoga as a mother and a woman. We hold so much space as women and even more as mothers. The ability and the awareness to always have the practice of yoga in my life doesn’t get missed in my daily gratitude practice. Watching other women unfold into their expression of authentic feminine and my gift of teaching this practice is always held high on that list of gratitude.

I am happy to invite you to join me in my current teaching schedule. Come! Enjoy this magic with me in a beautiful space of light and love.

Wednesdays are for the mamas! We hope to have childcare set up soon for this class so you can practice in your womanhood instead of your mamahood. All stages of women are welcome. Prenatal, postpartum, perimenopause and menopause.

Wednesday’s Women’s Yoga


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Friday’s are for the families. All ages and stages! Crawlers, toddlers and little humans. Class is designed for the caretakers but I keep the kiddos engaged.

Friday’s Family Yoga


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Classes are available IN PERSON, in Carlsbad or ONLINE.

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