Get My Top 11 Favorite Travel Hacks for Working and Solo Mamas

Traveling as a single mama

Have you been on a trip and felt like you forgot all the right things? I have made several trips as a single and solo mama since my little guy was 6 months old. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do with him. In this article I will share with you all my favorite hacks and products for the traveling, entrepreneur mama. And don’t you worry, I am all about saving money, hassle and emergencies so you can enjoy the journey, so be sure to take advantage of the discount codes and links below.

Here is my top 11 favorite travel hacks for mompreneurs:

1. Safety Bracelet
Im starting off this list with my number one item I NEVER board a plane without! A SAFETY INFORMATION BRACELET. I have Daniel wear an event bracelet with all of our emergency information written on it as well as an emergency contact should something happen to me. As a single mama, I have a back up plan stateside, my bestie who has vowed to fly anywhere in the world to pick up my son should something happen to me and he is left alone in a foreign country. It also is an extra precaution should we get separated. Of course I also teach my son our phone number and he learned how to Facetime our bestie. I also take extras in case It gets damaged or lost and include a sharpie pen in my bag of tricks.

2. SafeRider Vest
And while we’re talking about safety I’d like to share my number two item I never travel without. Traveling as a solo mama, I do my best to limit my baggage and amount that I carry around while traveling. However, I am not willing to scrimp on safety! Many places don’t require safety seats or simply don’t enforce them but I still keep my RideSafer Vest on us at all times. It also saves me lugging around a large carseat or booster. My favorite part is the ease of hopping public transport like a taxi or Uber and he can put it on himself.

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3. Kiddos own Backpack and Carabiners
Another great hack for not carrying too much while traveling with littles is to have them carry their own bag! Here is Daniels travel backpack with all the right pockets for a change of clothes, an inside pocket for books and learning materials as well as an easy accessible pocket outside for his favorite small toys and a snack. And most importantly, there is a water bottle pocket for easy access and add on those carabiners so you don’t lose their hat and other items easy to attach. I also use the carabiners to attach it to the top of his luggage when he gets too tired carrying it on his back on long travel days.

4. Swanky Multipurpose Bags
On that same note of not carrying too much, (do you see the trend here?) this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE small travel bag. I am not a back pack kinda mama but I love me a swanky handbag when I am traveling. This bag is so versatile! It can be a crossbody, a fanny pack or a clutch. I use it as all of the above on every trip. It can go from hiking fanny pack to a casual run to the market cross body to an evening clutch all in one day! The RaisCase Moe Vida is the best investment for a travel bag I have ever made.
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5. Work Space with Play Spot for the Kiddos
If you’re like me and you want a little relax and down time while getting the job done while traveling, I recommend finding an area that allows you to work while your kiddo plays. I can’t tell you the countless hours my son spends swimming while I relax back and enjoy the local fare and plug away at my computer. And speaking of traveling with my computer, I am all about protecting my most needed tools for working on the go. And we can all agree they are expensive tools! Check out my favorite MAC book cover, OttorBox iPhone case and don’t forget the screen protector for your phone because as a mom on the go, I am sure you are handling many things at once and its always the phone that hits the ground first! I also love my solar phone charger for “on the go” low battery moments. I have also used the built in flashlight numerous times in those power outages that are oh so common in developing countries.

HOT TIP: When locating that dreamy spot to work, always check the internet speed before setting up and ordering to save yourself frustration and an unnecessary bill.

6. Learning Books for WorldSchooling
My next favorite hack for traveling and working with littles is to have “projects” for them as well. Being that we WorldSchool, it’s easy for us to keep the learning going as I include his learning as part of our work day. I am a big fan of the thin workbooks you can find online or you can create your own by taking pages out of your current curriculum and make your own little workbook. Sometimes we even do math with rocks and sticks and reading by sounding out signs on the road or in the village. This keeps the foreign language learning going too! I love that I can assist him in his learning and still write or create for my business and he too feels successful when our “work day” is done and off on adventures we go.

7. Eco Friendly Food Containers
Have you ever been out to eat and buy your kiddo that meal they swore they were starving for to have them not eat most of it? Oh good! I thought it was just me. First of all, most hotels will move a small fridge into your room if you ask, so don’t let that wonderful local fare go to waste. My favorite thing to do is bring our eco stainless containers, cloth napkins, stainless steel straws and bamboo cutlery all packed inside our travel lunchbox. I start our journey out with them stuffed with food and then keep them along for the ride packing our leftovers for the next days lunch. I have saved so much money, not to mention amazing food from going to waste.

8. All Purpose Bag
Most countries don’t offer shopping bags and I also like to hit up the local farmers markets when visiting new areas. As you can see this bag is well loved! I have used it from collecting souvenirs, delivering laundry (and I leave it for washing so I can bring back clean laundry), farmers market produce and even as a beach bag when in a pinch. (I always bring a multipurpose bag for the beach, my computer and little extras packed in my luggage. Im a bag gal!) My favorite part is this bag rolls up small and goes in the little case so it even fits in my fanny pack. I think I got this one at the Container Store years ago. I’ve linked a similar, even cuter one here Excuse me while I go drop it into my cart..

9. Dry Bag Backpack
Still on the subject of bags, I highly recommend a dry bag backpack. Especially if you are a single mama and want to go in the water and not leave your valuables in your car or on beach. Shoes too! You’d be surprised at how many shoes go missing when tourists go in the water. This dry bag is amazing for swimming in the ocean or flying above the trees. Makes a great beach bag too if you want to minimize but it packs flat so I always stuffed it in my beach bag for when the need arises. I used it every time I took my son in the water and it saved me from missing out on the fun in exchange for protecting our valuables. I bought mine at a little mercado in the jungle but here’s a link to a comparable one.

10. Old Fashion Bandanas
I am a big fan of bandanas! They have so many uses: snot rag, hair tie or headband, sweat wiper, wash cloth, accessory to a cute outfit and in this case a splint wrap for my sons sprained ankle. We each have our own and they go everywhere with us. In fact I have mine in my bag right now. Any dollar store has them. I prefer 100% cotton. Mine are super old but here is a comparable one

11. First Aid Kit
My favorite first aid items are natural. Shocking! I do however carry an antibiotic cream for severe cases. And I have used it in the jungle many times. Getting a cut and playing in the rivers don’t mix so we do care for those drastically if we can’t stay out of the water long enough and that’s usually the case. Shown here are my best tried and true natural remedies for on the go travel mamas. I will link them each here for you: A major shout out to the best Mosquito Repellant ever goes to Aunt Fannies Deet Free My other favorite must haves are Boiron Arnicare for bumps and bruises and Calendula Cream for cuts scrapes and insect bites, Herb Pharm Kids Ear Oil (our number one savior with all our water adventures) and Kids Bronchial tincture for those upper respiratory issues. Pharmica is no longer available but linked is a comparable version. And of course I LOVE my Thieves spray! I use it to clean public toilet (my favorite use) and so much more. Because I don’t do MLM, you can email me here and I will help you get it if you don’t have a provider.

I hope you enjoyed my well tested items to make your trips more enjoyable, stress and emergency free as well as prepared. I chose my top favorites but have a gazillion more ideas and items I have traveled with. Feel free to contact me for more inspiration or any questions you may have about traveling with littles.

This article contains affiliate links that I may receive a commission on. Thank you for supporting my family and small business by purchasing the items I have linked with love.